Real Estate is one of the biggest financial transaction of one’s lifetime and whether you are a Seller or Buyer it should be a well thought and well-planned decision. Selling a property involves a lot of planning starting with decision validation, market analysis, property condition, property inspections, repairs, comparable, pricing, marketing and off course handling the required paperwork throughout the process. However, hiring a well-qualified agent is one of the most important task of a real estate transaction, an agent could guide you through the complexities of a transactions.

Internet provides some great assistance to sellers to research and gather information about the current market conditions to decide a price for one’s property. However, an experienced agent can provide more accurate market report by running identical comparable of recently sold properties to decide a base price and analyze pending sales as well as active listings to adjust the listing price of your home as per market trends. Web research on the other hand might include all sales inducing foreclosed and distressed sales which are notoriously inaccurate value statistics.

I am highly experienced in Silicon Valley and Greater Bay Area real estate market, and I want to give you a better valuation estimate through actual sales data from the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service). I will provide you a comprehensive market analysis of the real estate market in  your neighborhood and narrow down your search of how much is your home worth in current market. Contact me and I will; 

  • Develop a market report of similar homes to yours in your neighborhood that have sold recently.
  • Send you that report with details and photos of the homes, as well as the prices at which they were listed and finally sold.
  • Give you my interpretation of the current market for homes like yours, near yours, and in your home’s price range.

Fill in the ‘Free Comparative Market Analysis Report‘ form on the side panel and get the real story on what your home is worth.

Are you ready to sell?

  • Is it a well thought decision ? – Why do you want to sell your property? – it should be based on your current needs, future planning, market conditions, equity in your property and your financial situation. Seek professional help from a CPA or financial advisor in terms of tax and other financial implications and consult a Real Estate professional in terms of market condition and the estimated value of your property.
  • Is your home ready to list ? Your home is your comfort zone that you set up according to your taste which could be just perfect for you and your family. But presenting it to the potential buyers requires professional evaluation. An experienced agent has the ability to analyze the condition of the property and could make valuable recommendations to upgrade or repair certain basic items, that are necessary and could boost the value.
  • Repairs and Upgrades ? This is another critical decision for sellers – how much of repairs or upgrades are truly going to add to the value of the house. A real estate agent with his experience in getting homes ready to sell and marketing properties to outside world could provide some great assistance. An experienced agent holds a lot of insight on list of items of what the potential clients (buyers) are looking for in a property. Secondly an agent can compare the condition of a property to other properties currently listed in the market and advise to make necessary repairs or do price adjustment. In my experience spending money on repairing/upgrading more useful sections of the house like, bathrooms and kitchen always boost the value of the property in a greater proportion as oppose to adding a pool in the backyard.
  • Home, Roof and Termite Inspections ? Even though in California sellers are not required by law to conduct these inspections but here in Santa Clara county it is a common practice followed by majority of home owners. It is highly recommended to conduct these inspections, know any flaws in your property and get them fixed before you put it in the market, as these flaws would become the negotiation points for buyers. In the event of ‘as-is’ sale where these inspections are mostly not conducted, buyers should always get inspections done to find any items of greater concerns, specifically with house foundation and termite section 1 items. Mostly in conventional loans the termite section 1 items are not required to be fixed by lender unless its the part of purchase contract, however FHA loans do require the items to be fixed before the closing. It’s better for sellers to conduct these inspections and fix the concerned items to boost the value of the property and knock  down any items of potential negotiations.
  • Listing Price ? To determine that value, it is necessary to look at comparable properties in the neighborhood that are sold recently. When calculating your home’s value, consider your property the “subject property” and the sold properties “comparable properties”. Real estate agents are specialized in answering the question “what is my home worth?” for their clients, which they do by running a comparative market analysis. This process involves finding similar properties (“comps”) that sold within past 90 days. The most accurate comp is a home that’s nearby, similar to yours in square footage, has same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Listing price is decided based on recently sold identical properties within close proximity to your house and any adjustments based on the active listings and current trend of the market. A competitively priced property will attract more buyers to compete against each other and an overpriced property probably would not even be consider by buyers to look at as an option.


Real Estate market is at the highest level it’s ever been so take advantage by selling your property. Even a slight thought of selling your property deserves a serious consideration in today’s real estate market.

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