Real Estate buying process could be hectic not only for First Time home buyers but also for experienced buyers or seasoned investors. Buying process involves various step by step tasks starting with; loan pre-qualification or pre-approval, finding the right property, negotiating the price/terms, escrow process etc. All of these steps individually leads to their own avenues of different tasks/challenges that needs to be handled efficiently and in-time to accomplish a smooth closing. That’s where a highly experienced professional is required to explain the do’s and dont’s and pros and cons of every step involved to make home buying a well planned experience.

I will highly encourage my potential buyers to contact me for a First Time Home Buyers session where I would explain the entire process step by step and answer any questions.

Rent vs Buy ?


Choice between buying a home and renting depends on different factors such as costs involved, personal satisfaction of owning a home, family size, household income, current real estate market trends, tax advantages and so forth. The costs of buying are more varied and complicated than for renting which makes it hard for an individual to calculate the cost of home ownership. An experienced loan officer can assist you with these numbers during the loan qualification process. However rent vs buy decision is not always made by simply running numbers to calculate which costs less but mostly made by the quality of life and the needs of an expanding family. In long run home ownership is more viable option both financially and emotionally.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Once you decide to purchase a property the next step is to calculate the affordability. That depends on your credit score, DTI (debt to income ratio) and LTV (Loan to Value). A qualified mortgage professional like myself could assist you with these numbers and run a per-approval letter which is the first step before you start the house hunting. You mortgage payment is basically consist of Principle and interest amount along with the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) if applicable. Second part is the property tax and home insurance which could be paid along with the mortgage payment every month to be deposited to an escrow account or paid separately when they are due.

Home Affordability Calculator

Finding the right property
House hunting is probably the most time consuming task of buying a home and requires a lot of patience. However, with proper guidance in setting your selection criteria, can help you with this process. Property selection criteria should be based on your affordability and individual needs such as – school ratings, commute to work, crime rate, your future plans, amenities near by etc. Finding a property for primary residence to live in vs rental property are two vastly different venues and requires a different mind set during property selection process. Rental property should be based on return on investment (ROI) and long term income stream and selection of primary residence on the other hand should be based on personal comfort as well as the list of selections mentioned above.

My personal commitment to you of exceptional service at every step of your home buying process on both side of the aisle; Real Estate as well as Mortgage.

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